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It has been a minute since I posted but I am back! This year really started off with a rocky start… I hope everyone is doing fine and taking the necessary precautions. Today, I came up with something fun. (I came up with something wooo!!!) It is like a tag- I thought of some questions to share some happy books! πŸ˜›


β‘  Reminisce: A childhood favourite

The wonderful wizard of Oz- L. Frank Baum

This book is such a classic. I love reading this book so much as a child. The magical elements made me so happy and I was rooting for Dorothy and her band of friends throughout the story. It is a book everyone should read at least once in their lifetime. Such a powerful story about friendship and courage amongst many other themes.

β‘‘ Grin: Book that made you smile

Heartstopper- Alice Oseman

Such a sweet graphic novel series about Nick and Charlie’s friendship and relationship!!! The characters in this book are so supportive of one another through thick and thin. It is also about discovering oneself when you are feeling confused. Our teenager years are confusing after all. This series is guaranteed to make you smile when you are feeling down.

β‘’ Over the moon: Book that made you laugh

Born a crime- Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is so incredibly hilarious! I found myself laughing at all his jokes. Even if he had a tough childhood, he is so positive and optimistic about his experiences. I admire him so much. I do not usually watch comedy shows but I will definitely check his one out.

β‘£ Joy: Fluffy/ Light-hearted contemporary

To all the boys I’ve loved before- Jenny Han

This series is so fun! I loved reading about Lara Jean’s culture and her relationship with her parents. Not to mention, the concept of writing letters to her crushes is so cute. Some people do not know that the movies were adapted from the books by Jenny Han so it is my duty as a bookworm to convince you to read this series XD I really enjoyed reading the first two books and I don’t think I will read the third books anytime soon. In my opinion, the second book already ended satisfactorily.

β‘€ Enthralled: Inspirational book

A story about cancer- India Desjardins

Cancer is something that does not bring happiness. However, this book put a smile on my face when I finished it. This book follows the true story of a girl who has cancer. It showed that despite going through a difficult time, there are still happy moments in life such as companionship and familial love. It is about appreciating the good moments in life and inspired me to think more positively about life. Whenever I am facing difficult circumstances, I tell myself to appreciate the good times too.

β‘₯ Radiant: Book on a topic you’re passionate about

I contain multitudes- Ed Yong

Science is something I am very passionate about hence I am studying Biomedical Science. Reading about science and scientific discoveries just make me so happy. I have talked about this book before but I will recommend it any chance I get. It gives a very unique perspective on microbes. This book is funny too which is a plus!

⑦ Ecstatic: Anticipated read

It’s not about the burqa- Mariam Khan (ed.) et. al.

I am so excited to read this book!!! It is about Islam from the perspective of women if I remember correctly. I am always eager to read from Muslim perspectives and the fact that this book exists makes me overjoyed!

⑧ Carefree: Book that makes you forget about the real world

A thousand beginnings and endings- Ellen Oh (ed.) et. al.

Fantasy and sci fi are two of the genres I gravitate towards when I want to escape the real world. ‘A thousand beginnings and endings’ is a collection of Asian mythological stories. They are so magical and immersive. Through reading this, I learnt more about some cultural legends and myths too. It is one of my favourite anthologies to be honest.


Thank you so much for reading!!! I was in a pickle on what to post this week and was feeling a little lost in terms of my situation so it took a while this week. I am feeling better now so that’s great πŸ˜€ Luckily, I had this random idea, inspired from watching book videos. I hope your day is going well/has gone well. Till next time, take care!

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