Bookish Spotlight: The Moon🌛

Hello everyone! This idea came to me randomly (just like all my ideas) after I visited a beautiful bookstore, The Moon. It is a bookstore located in Singapore and in my opinion, the best bookstore in Singapore. They focus a lot on inclusive and diverse literature which is amazing!!! More people should definitely check out this small, independent bookstore. This is basically my love letter to The Moon <3

Note: The pictures taken are my own. I apologise for the low quality!

This is the view from outside! Stunning logo, isn’t it?

“With freedom, books, flowers and The Moon, who could not be happy?”

If I have not convinced you enough, here are a few reasons why you should definitely visit The Moon at least once if you live in Singapore or are planning to travelling here in the future:

1• Diverse selection of books

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This picture isn’t the best example (should have taken more pics ahh) but you can find books from all genres and for all ages. As I have mentioned earlier, their primary focus is on uplifting marginalised voices (Peek Patsy, a queer Carribean lit in the pic!) We LOVE to see that ❤️ Many of the books I saw here such as Patsy is not very prevalent in other bookstores here in Singapore. I was so pleasantly surprised! By coming here, you would be exposed to a myriad stories from people of different backgrounds. If you would like to read more SingLit (Singaporean Literature), you would find plenty of choices! I really appreciate this bookstore for doing so much for marginalised voices. Check out their instagram where they recommend books frequently!

2• Lovely, cozy atmosphere

The bookstore has a cozy environment. It is definitely a great place to hang out with your friends or family, especially on a rainy day. In addition to a book section, they have a cute little cafe at the side. The cafe has several lovely & unique drinks and food. They always have new drinks so check them out! They have vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options too! Not too sure if there are halal options so be wary before trying any of the food.

3• Friendly staff

While it’s not a must, having approachable staff makes the experience at a bookstore so much more lovely and memorable. I simply went to the bookstore to gawk at beautiful books. I was not really planning on getting anything cause I am a broke student. However, I was approached by a lovely staff member! She spoke so passionately about books that reminded me of the joy of talking about books with a fellow bookworm. I was recommended so many lovely books!!! I am definitely going to do another “challenge” whereby I read the books recommended by The Moon. Stay tuned 😛 Below are the books I was recommended! They look so good!!!

The frangipani tree mystery- Ovidia Yu
The disaster tourist- Yun Ko-Eun
Goddess in the machine- Lora Beth Johnson

I hope you will visit this bookstore if you have the chance and support them!! 😀 They have a reading challenge that you can take part in! You can visit Storygraph, a fantastic alternative to Goodreads to find the prompts and keep track of the books you read! I took a picture of the challenge too!

Thank you for reading this post! Do you have a bookstore that you absolutely adore? Let me know! Till next time, take care 😀

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