5 books to get (back) into reading ✭

Welcome back!!! Today, I will be sharing some books which I think are excellent (I rated them 4-5 ⭐s after all!) to get you into reading or get you back into reading or if you just want some book recommendations! I hope you will like at least one of the books I have recommended. If you have read any of these books, let me know what you thought about them in the comments.


Toffee- Sarah Crossan

Books written in verse form are so immersive and page-turners. One of the first authors I discovered who wrote in verse was Sarah Crossan. After reading her book, “One”, I fell in love with her writing and her storytelling. After that, I went on a quest to read all her books and I believe I have! (so far) “Toffee” is her latest book and I loved it just as much as her other books. Her books tend to deal with difficult topics so read the synopses before jumping into them! “Toffee” deals with a girl who has fled from her home due to difficult circumstances. Along the way, she discovers more about herself and the world around her.


Summer days and summer nights- Stephanie Perkins (ed.) et. al.

Anthologies are a great place to start with as well. Anthologies consist of collections of short stories that centre around a theme. For instance, this book is based around the theme of summer. (pretty obvious from the title XD) I think this book is such as fun read! I am not too sure if the stories dealt with any hard-hitting topics since I read it a while ago. Anyway, I think this book will be a good place to start with anthologies!


Animal Farm- George Orwell

How can I not recommend this wonderful classic? Short classics tend to be more gripping than longer ones in my opinion. I have read some good long ones but if you are just starting to read/getting back into reading, perhaps, you should start with short classics. Long ones can be tedious to get through with all the exposition. If you have not already read/heard of “Animal Farm”, it is an allegorical story about farm animals that have the ability to talk. It is also about their relationship with the farm owner. I know, I am not describing this book well at all but if I say more than this, the message of the book may be spoiled.


The giver- Lois Lowry

Another book that I am sure almost everyone has heard of. “The giver” tackles the theme of uniformity in a dystopian society which left me questioning society a lot after reading it. The dystopian genre is often saturated with the “chosen one” trope which can get repetitive but it can be done well, like this book.


The witch boy- Molly Ostertag

Graphic Novels/Comics are wonderful too! They are real books too! I have started reading more graphic novels these days and have found so many fantastic ones. One example would be “Witch Boy”. It is a book in a series which I have yet to continue but I definitely will. “Witch Boy” is a book about a boy who loves witch magic but he is not allowed to practice or learn it because he is a boy. This book handled the topic of gender norms so well.


Thank you for reading this blog and happy reading ^.^ Hope you enjoyed reading it! Till next time, take care!

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